Love Birds box is the ideal slime box as a gift for a special someone! 
    It contains the following : 
    1 x Love Spell (125ml)   
    Love spell is a pink metallic clear based slime scented like raspberry and strawberry. It is topped of with all kinds of shredded and mermaid tail glitter as well as slushy beads which add extra texture to the slime! 
    1 x Cloud 9 (125ml) 
    Cloud 9 is a pink, red and white cloud slime which is topped off with glitter and heart sprinkles. This slime is scented like candy floss with a hint of cherry! 
    1 x Nana’s for u (125ml)
    Nana's For U is a yellow and white cloud cremé slime that is topped off with some black glitter. This slime is scented like banana cream pie.  
    1 x Sour Lovers 
    Sour Lovers is a clear based slime which is topped off with a neon green clay. The best thing about this slime is that you get to mix in the balls of clay to the slime which creates a super unique and fluffy texture! 
    This slime is scented like sour lime. 
    1 x FREE hearties lollipop
    ALL ORDERS include activator and instructions on how to fix/maintain your slime as slime may arrive sticky.
    Note: this item is not edible!