slime care

How to play with slime
Before opening your slime, poke it with one finger to make sure that it is not too sticky. If it is sticky, add a few drops of the activator provided and and knead it into the slime. DO NOT use more than a few drops of the activator at a time! 
We recommend playing with slime on a clean table with CLEAN HANDS. Slime will stick to sweaty/dirty hands. It's important to handle slime quickly. 
ACTIVATOR DISCLAIMER : DO NOT CONSUME. Keep away from children! Parent supervision is advised when adding in the activator. 
Is your slime:
-- Hard? Adding a few squirts of lotion to your slime will help soften it as well as make it stretchy. 
-- Sticky? Adding in a few drops of activator will help! If you add to much, it can ruin your slime, so be careful and use it with caution!
...still sticky? Some slimes are meant to be played with on surfaces. If it is sticking to your fingers, try poking and handling it quickly. Not all of my slimes are meant to be holdable. Try also storing it in the fridge!
-- Foam beads falling out? For slimes made with white glue, it is normal for beads to fall out if you rip the slime. For floams, the beads will fall out if you add too much activator, (floams will naturally get stickier over time, so it should "fix itself"). 
General information to keep in mind:
- When you’re done playing with your slime, make sure that you close the lid of the container properly to  prevent any leakages and to keep it at the perfect consistency.
- Keep the slime in a cool dry area as the heat tends to make the slime a bit sticky.
- Lotion or any other oil/food residue on hands will cause the slime (especially icee slime) to be sticky.
- The slime returns to its original state once the product is left to settle.
- Wash your hands after playing with slime!
Remember: keep your slime away from clothes, carpet, and furniture; slime is not edible!


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